Banned Book Club: Where’s Waldo?

Title: Where’s Waldo?

Published: 1987

Author: Martin Handford

Challenge status: Included on a recent article about classic children’s books that have been banned in America. #87 of ALA’s list of the 100 most frequently challenged books of 1990-1999. Book #30 on Summer of Banned Books ’13.

Why:  Nudity, and/or implied nudity. Was removed from libraries in Michigan (1989) and New York (1993).

First line: “Hi, Friends! My name is Waldo. I’m just setting off on a worldwide hike.”


Seriously? I mean, I don’t even..wha?

So I went through the whole book, found all the Waldo’s and tried to find the nudity that led to the challenges. Turns out the later versions of the book edited it out. Oh well. If you want to see that kind of nudie filth you can check out this blog post.

What do you think?

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